“It was an awesome learning experience!  It pulled together all the teachings from our Algonquin Security classes all year, and put them to the test.”

– Tom Levasseur, Organizer CyberGONQ 2012, Owner – HackingAway.org

A small but dedicated group of Algonquin students came together on Saturday, June 2 for a full evening of Cyber Security Challenges.  The IT lab at Algonquin’s the Woodroffe campus became a simulated corporate network that had been built over several weeks by a handful of IT Security professionals, Algonquin teachers, and two senior students.  By using actual attack methods prevalent on the Internet today, the competition forced participants to react quickly and use all the knowledge they gained in their courses this year.

See the pics on the “Media” page.

“The competition atmosphere really gets you fired-up. Teams worked hard to prove they could be the best!”



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